Designer, maker, wife, mother to 9 year old Jacob and my furry Princess Ella; I thrive on being creative and am constantly inspired to try new things.  I adore Proteas, succulents, anything pink and my beautiful family. After over a decade in the design and event industries, I believe in a hands-on approach and am directly involved with every piece that is produced. I aim to give a client exactly what they want and place huge importance on personalised service and affordability without skimping on quality. I take immense pride in my work, so only handpicked suppliers are used to ensure a product that is made “with love”.


Ella is my four year old Boxer fur baby; security and studio busybody, a typical Scorpio in that she is fiercely loyal and 100% authentic. She constantly meddles in the creative process and scraps of whatever material I happen to be working with regularly appear in the garden (or wherever else she decides to leave them). Ella is crazy about hugs, tickles, the trampoline and long conversations (she really talks). She is my constant companion and never fails to bring a huge smile to my face, even when she’s trying to “help”.